This craft of mine has been one that did not come easy. Yes, the stories did, but learning the 'write' way didn't.

Of course, I thought...'Heck, how hard can this be?'

Ha ha! Yeah.

It is not an easy task, nor one that can be achieved in just an hour a day. No, this passion consists of close to eight-hours a day between writing, editing, promoting, publishing, cover art, pulling in readers.

Le sigh.

But it is because of all it takes, all the work, the dedication involved that my love has only grown exponentially in what I do. 

Am I a 'New York Times bestseller'?


Am I a starving artist, known only by a few close friends?


Am I somewhere in between, with my head held high, my mind full of stories, and my heart full of dreams?

Yes, damn right.

Onward and upward I will go, until my dying breath, with or without that golden contract.


I loved this book from the moment they met on the side of the road through the search for the Destiny Gem. Hawk is book boyfriend material hunky and sweet once you get past his rough exterior. Randi is funny and passionate once her walls are brought down by Hawk’s patience and insistence. These two have a legendary love, one that lives through the ages.

Jaclyn M.   McBride's Gem

This is a great read for those rainy evenings, wrapped up in a blanket, warm cup of tea nearby. The characters come to life and leave you wanting more! Great job, Roxy, can't wait for more Pale Bay!

Aniwaya3   McBride's Gem

Well Miss Roxanne Larocque-Matthews...Thanks to you I got very little sleep last night and nothing done today....Now I must say WOW! Love Love Love...You are a very talented author! The characters sure came to life for me...your writing grabbed me and held my attention...I believe I can say that you are one of my favourite authors! Oh and I must also say that I am super impressed with the editing..most of the self published books I have read have numerous spelling and punctuation don't! Well gotta go because I believe there are more of your books that I NEED to buy! Thank-You for a great read!! I would recommend this book to everyone!

Debbie Banks   McBride's Gem

This book made me laugh and made me ugly cry! The Characters in the book draw you in and you want to be best friends with them! I got very upset that real life got in the way of reading this book...Was so hard to put down....I can't wait until the next book comes out! I would recommend this to everyone!!!

Debbie Banks.   Numb

Roxy is an amazing author! Her books pull you in and don’t let you go! This one did not disappoint! It made me laugh , cry and I have to admit angry at the author for what she did to one of my favourite characters too! Love this series!!

Debbie Banks   Second Time Sam

It’s much different from the previous books in this too me a bit to get the don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t put it down! Roxy is a great author her writing is so intense and her editing is impeccable! You get caught up in her characters and feel their emotions...I can’t wait for the next book in this series!!

Debbie Banks   Drago's Destiny

Ms. Matthews definitely knows how to keep her readers guessing. At first, the reader assumes that this is an average crime novel, with the ex-husband on the heroine’s trail. Instead, fantasy mixes with contemporary as the reader discovers that a mystical gem is tying everything together. Randi and Hawk are strong characters that have great chemistry...the legends that were created about the gems were absolutely fascinating! Overall, this book was filled with passion, destiny and suspense!

InD'tale Magazine   McBride's Gem   

Another great story by an amazing author!


5 out of 5 stars

Enticing plot that pulls you in!


"The first paragraph had me intrigued and after chapter 1, I couldn't wait to read more about subject Stihlz. Great characters and a facinating storyline make this a must read!"

Amazon reader  Hypno-Planticus


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