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Fiction Without Boundaries

R.M.Sackville is a self-published author of novellas, novelettes, and short story collections that delve into the dark and twisted, testing the boundaries of taboo with Dark Fantasy, Sci/Fi, and Thriller pieces. Her work has been featured in Suspense Magazine and LitFest Magazine.    

R.M.Sackville's softer side can be found under her alternate pen name; Roxy Matthews, where she writes Romantic/Suspense and Fantasy. In 2018 she was named one of Canada's Best Writers of the Year by Polar Expressions Publishing. Her work has been featured in several anthologies under this pen name, including ‘The Way Through’ by Polar Expressions Publishing, The Charmed Writers Flash Fiction Anthology 2019, and Naughty Night's Press' Sweeter Than Chocolate: Valentine's Day Anthology. 


Canadian Psycho.png
Canadian Psycho
An Extreme Dark Fantasy, Psychological Horror Short Story Collection

A homeless man who gorges on others suffering. A work dinner that takes a gruesome turn. A devastated father makes a grave mistake.

Sixteen pieces created with no restrictions. Taboo is the word and limits forgotten. These stories will have you cringe and shake your head, yet turning the page to the next twisted tale.

If you enjoy the macabre thrill of Nathaniel Hawthorne, M.R.James, and Arthur Machen, then you’ll devour R.M.Sackville’s imaginatively violent twists on twenty-first century reality.

Scroll up and buy Canadian Psycho… if you dare.

Hypno ebbok.jpg
An Alien Invasion Thriller

He's being held wait, he's in an wait, he's trapped in fire. Wherever he is, he better figure it out if he wants to survive.

Stilhz isn't sure what kind of fresh hell he keeps waking in, but what he does know is how eerily familiar everything is, yet oddly different. With a stolen alien plant being used against its own kind, Stilhz must figure out which side of the fight he is on before an entire race is destroyed one by one.

Includes bonus content consisting of two never before seen short stories--For My Boys and DUI Cry.

A Dark Urban Fantasy LGBTQ Psychological Horror Novella

Laura Danby dreams of fame. F.C feeds on desperation. His offer is simple. Beyond getting blood on her hands, what more is she willing to sacrifice?

Laura Danby is a doer, not a dreamer, so when a mysterious PM pops up on Facebook offering her the chance of a lifetime, she jumps at the opportunity without a second thought. After all, her small town home business was far from the 'Fashionista of the Stars' future she dreamed of.

Soon, the rules change, leaving Laura no option but to complete her end of the agreement or forfeit her dreams of fame and fortune. Even if it means sacrificing the one woman she loves.

From the demented mind of R.M.Sackville comes another haunting tale of desperation and selfishness. If you enjoy stories that test the boundaries of what is right, then you'll love this novella.


Another great story by an amazing author!


5 out of 5 stars

Enticing plot that pulls you in!

Amazon reader  Hypno-Planticus

"The first paragraph had me intrigued and after chapter 1, I couldn't wait to read more about subject Stihlz. Great characters and a facinating storyline make this a must read!"

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